News: Five tips to improve your family economy


Carrying a proper control of the family economy is very important to not end up with money at the end of the month. A family that is organized correctly could save a little money each month. It is important not to remain at zero or even, in the worst cases, to reach over-indebtedness.

Tips to improve the family economy

The first thing to do is establish an expense planning. Therefore, it is recommended to keep in mind the money that is paid and the money spent each month. Eliminating mandatory expenses such as renting the home or paying the mortgage, gas, water, electricity, telephone, etc. The money that is left over is what you have to work with.

Buy white marks is another good advice to take into account in terms of food is concerned, spending must be done every day. These brands are usually quite affordable, more than the famous ones in the market. In fact, many of them are of similar quality because they are manufactured by the best-known trademarks.

You have to eliminate the daily superfluous expenses. It is advisable to walk instead of going by bus or taking a taxi, have breakfast and always eat at home if possible or take food to work. Avoid eating out every day, dispense with some pay TV channels that are not frequently seen, etc.

At the time of going to do the purchase of food, you never have to do it before eating. It is demonstrated that hunger causes spending on food to increase, which will unbalance the monthly family economic budget.

Our last advice, and perhaps one of the most important ones, the purchases must be made in cash or with a debit card. The use of the credit card can cause us to spend more than we can really afford.

13 Nov 2018

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